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Mirroring project - Modern family - 9th grade - Escola Marzano / 2013

Mirroring Project

Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot”

rom the TV show Modern Family,  http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/modern-family/episodes/season-1/     you will watch the episode “pilot”.
Trabalho em grupo (mini teatro - sketches ) feito pelos alunos do 9º ano da escola Padre Marzano em Belo Horizonte, MG - prof Eduardo Gomes, inspirado nas cenas do seriado modern Family- è Mirroring ( espelhando-se) ou seja os alunos estudam a cena e tentam reproduzi-la. daí desenvolvem o listening, speaking além de outras habilidades inerentes ao estudo, tais como trabalho em grupo (team work) desinibição, linguagem do corpo,  etc.

Preparation: watch the clip a few times. Take note of the pronunciation and stressed words.

Task: Memorize the clip to perform in class. Then, focus on copying the exact sounds, stress patterns, and intonation patterns from the clip. You will act out the scene in class.


1.      Watch the video and read the dialogue. Underline stress.

2.      Practice alone, (like you learn a song) with and without dialogue.

3.      Practice with your group like a rehearsal.

4.      Be prepared to perform in class (  use your imagination to perform the dialogues)

5.      Pay attention with those steps for evaluation grade:

a)      Group Preparation 

b)     Stress

c)      Intonation

d)     Animation / drama / energy

e)      Pronunciation ( sounds )

esse foi um projeto piloto, temos várias falhas, alguns grupos funcionou, outros não, coisas do tipo com alunos reais as situações são diferentes, mas valeu turma do Marzano!  ano que vem tem mais!!!

sessão "Falha nossa"  kkkkk - Julia fazendo a Glória ...


Mirroring Project

Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot”

From the TV show Modern Family,  http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/modern-family/episodes/season-1/     you will watch the episode “pilot”.

Preparation: watch the clip a few times. Take note of the pronunciation and stressed words.

Task: Memorize the clip to perform in class. Then, focus on copying the exact sounds, stress patterns, and intonation patterns from the clip. You will act out the scene in class.

1. to improve word and sentence  stress pronunciation
2. to improve pronunciation with specific sounds and word combinations
3. to improve pronunciation of specific grammatical features in spoken English


1.      Watch the video and read the dialogue. Underline stress.

2.      Practice alone, (like you learn a song) with and without dialogue.

3.      Practice with your group like a rehearsal.

4.      Be prepared to perform in class (  use your imagination to perform the dialogues)

5.      Pay attention with those steps for evaluation grade:

a)      Group Preparation  

b)     Stress

c)      Intonation

d)     Animation / drama / energy

e)      Pronunciation ( sounds )

Scene 1: Dunphy household – in the kitchen

Claire: Kids, breakfast! Kids! Ugh, Phil, would you get them?

Phil: (busy on cellphone) Yeah. Just a sec.

Claire: Kids! (drops container) Okay.

Phil: That is so… Kids! Get down here!

Hayley: (enters) why are you guys yelling at us when we’re way upstairs? Just text me.

Claire: All right, that’s not gonna happen and wow, you’re not wearing that outfit.

Hayley: What’s wrong with it?

Claire: Honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt?

Phil: (looks up from cellphone) Sorry. Oh yeah, it looks really cute, sweetheart.

Hayley: Thanks.

Claire: No, it’s way too short. People know you’re a girl; you don’t need to prove it to them.

Alex: (enters) Luke got his head  stuck in the banister again.

Phil: I got it. Where’s the baby oil?

Claire: It’s on our bedside tab- (mutters) I dunno. Find it. (walks into cupboard door) Come on!


Scene 2:  at the Soccer match

Gloria: Bravo, Manny! Kick it, kick it! Don’t let him- kick it! Manito! (A la derecha, A la derecha,…says something in Spanish) No! No, no! He tripped him, Jay. Where is the penalty?

Jay: Gloria, they’re 0-6. Let’s take it down a notch.

 (Cut back to scene)

Gloria: Manny, stop him! (says something in Spanish)

(Manny waves at girl on bicycle; other team scores.)

Teammate: Dammit, Manny.

Mother: Come on, coach. You’ve gotta take that kid out!

Gloria: You wanna take him out? How about I take you out?

Jay: Honey, honey…

Gloria: Why don’t you worry about your son? He spent the first half with his hand in his pants!

Mother: (mouths) Wow… (walks off)

Guy: I’ve wanted to tell her off for the last six weeks. I’m Josh, Ryan’s dad.

Gloria: Hi, I’m Gloria Pritchett, Manny’s mother.

Josh: Oh, and this must be your dad.

Jay: Her dad? No. No, that’s funny. Actually, no, I’m her husband. Don’t be fooled by the, uh… (tries getting up from chair) Gimme a second here.

Scene 3: in the Airplane

Mitchell: (to Lily) Who’s a good girl? Who’s that? Who’s that?

Granny: Oh, she’s adorable!

Mitchell: Oh, thank you.

Granny: Hi, precious! (puckers up; blows lips in attempt to make Lily smile)

Mitchell: (in small voice) Hello. Hi, hi! We just- we just adopted her from Vietnam and… we’re bringing her home for the first time, huh.

Man: Oh, she’s an angel. You and your wife must be so thrilled.

Cameron: (enters) Sorry, sorry, sorry. Daddy needed snacks. Hi. (fumbles his way to his seat; granny and man look away uncomfortably) So, what are we talking about?

 (Cut back to scene)

Mitchell: You saw that, right? Everybody fawning over Lily, and then you walk on and suddenly it’s all “Oooh, SkyMall, I gotta buy a motorized tie rack.” All right, you know, I’m- I’m gonna give a speech.

Cameron: You are not giving a speech.

Mitchell: Why?

Cameron: You’re gonna be stuck with these people for the next five hours.

Mitchell: You’re right, you’re right. Okay, I’m sorry.

Lady: Honey, honey, look at those babies with those cream puffs.

Mitchell: Okay, excuse me. (stands up) Excuse me, but this baby would’ve grown up in a crowded orphanage if it wasn’t for us cream puffs. And you know what? No, to all of you who judge-

Cameron: Mitchell…

Mitchell: -hear this: love knows no race, creed-

Cameron: Mitchell…

Mitchell: -or gender. And shame on you, you small-minded, ignorant few-

Cameron: Mitchell!

Mitchell: What?!

Cameron: (motions to cream puffs in Lily’s hands) She’s got the cream puffs.

Mitchell: Oh.

Cameron: …We would like to pay for everyone’s headsets.

Scene 4: Dunphy household – a friend visit

Phil: Buddy, why do you keep getting stuck like this?

Luke: I thought I could get out this time.

Alex: I’m just gonna say it: he needs to be checked by a specialist.

Phil: (frees Luke from banister) There. Be free, Excalibur.

Hayley: I’m having a friend over today.

Claire: Who?

Hayley: Uh, you don’t know him.

Claire: Him. Him?

Luke: Oooh, a boy. You’re gonna kiss-

Hayley: Shut up! (kids start arguing)

Phil: Easy, easy…

Claire: Luke, Alex, why don’t you take it outside, okay?

Alex: And do what?

Phil: Fight in the sun; it’ll be a nice change. I’m kidding.

Claire: Hayley. Who’s the boy?

Hayley: His name is Dylan. You know, I might as well just tell him not to come because you guys are just going to embarrass me again.

Claire: Sweety, hang on a second. You’re fifteen and it’s the first time you’ve had a boy over. I mean, I’m bound to be a little surprised, but… not embarrass you.

Phil: I better go charge the camcorder. (Hayley groans; turns around to leave) I’m kidding! Come on, who’re you talking to?

Scene 5: Dunphy household – Luke discipline

Alex: Mom! Dad!

Claire: What happened?

Alex: Luke just shot me!

Luke: I didn’t mean to!

Claire: Are you okay?

Alex: No, the little bitch shot me!

Phil: (laughs)

Claire: Language!

Luke: They’re only plastic BBs. It was an accident.

Claire: What did I tell you would happen if you got him a gun? Deal with this.

Phil: Buddy, uncool.

Claire: …That’s it? That- no, no, no, no, no. The agreement was that if he shoots someone, you shoot him.

Phil: We were serious about that?

Claire: Yes we were, and now you have to follow through.

Luke: (starts crying) I’m so sorry!

Claire: Liar.

Luke: (stops)

Claire: Go.

Phil: He’s got a birthday party.

Alex: What’s more important here, dad?

Claire: You can shoot him afterwards. He’ll be home at two.

Phil: I can’t shoot him at two; I’m showing a house at two.

Alex: What about three?

Claire: No, he’s got a soccer game at three and then oh, we’ve gotta leave for that dinner thing at five. (checks calendar) Four fifteen. You could shoot him at four fifteen.

Phil: Yeah, I guess that works for me.

Luke: Aw…

Claire: (fills in calendar) “Shoot Luke.”

Phil: Sorry, buddy. It’s on the calendar.

Luke: Oh, come on.

Scene 6: After soccer match

Manny: I’m quitting soccer. It is a game for children.

Gloria: No, you’re not quitting. You would’ve stopped the goal if you weren’t staring at the little girl.

Manny: She’s not a girl. She is a woman. (both enter car)

Jay: You know, Gloria, that little blow-up with that other mom– why do you have to do things like that?

Gloria: If somebody says something about my family, I’m going to-

Jay: I don’t… I’m just saying you could take it down here a little bit, that’s all.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, ’cause that’s where you live – down here. But I live up here.

Jay: B-but you don’t have to be so emotional all the time. That’s all I’m saying. Manny, you’re with me on this one, right?

Manny: I wanna tell Brenda Feldman I love her.

Jay: Oh, for god’s sakes.

Gloria: Manny, she’s sixteen.

Manny: Oh, it’s okay for you to take an older lover?

Jay: Hey, watch it.

Manny: I wanna go to the mall where she works. But first I need to get my white shirt. The silk one.

Gloria: Okay. If that’s what you really want to do…

Jay: Seriously, not to be the evil stepdad, but if you put on a puffy white shirt and declare your love for a sixteen year old, you’re gonna be swinging from the flag pole in your puffy white underpants.

Manny: Stop the car!

Gloria: Where are you going? (Manny gets out) You see? You hurt his feelings.

Jay: Oh, well, if it toughens him up a little bit, then… geez, he’s picking flowers.

Scene 7 : Dunphy household – Dylan visiting

(Doorbell rings)

Hayley: Don’t answer it; I’ll get it! (runs to door; Claire gets there first)

Claire: Hi! Hey, you must be Dylan. (shakes Dylan’s hand)

Dylan: Hey. Dylan, yeah.

Claire: I’m Hayley’s mother.

Hayley: Hey. Now let’s go. (leads Dylan upstairs)

Claire: Okay, um… hang on one second. Um… woah. Dylan, you’re still in high school?

Dylan: Yeah, I’m a senior.

Claire: A senior. Okay. Cool. Phil, sweety, honey… he is Dylan and he is a senior… (whispers) and you need to scare him.

Phil: Let me meet this playa. Phil Dunphy, yo.

 (Cut back to scene)

Phil: Yo.

Dylan: Yo.

Hayley: Okay, I see you guys have-

Phil: Wait, wait, wait! You two… you two keep it real, know what I mean, son?

Dylan: Not really.

Hayley: Please stop.

Phil: That’s cool. (hand slips off stair rail) Ow! Oh god, that’s my back!

Claire: Sweetheart…

Phil: Ow! Oh, I slipped on the baby oil.

 (Cut back to scene)

Phil: (being carried by Dylan) Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Claire: I don’t know about this. Should I call a doctor?

Phil: No, no, no, no, no. You’re very strong, homes.

Dylan: Thanks. (places Phil on couch)

Phil: Okay, nice. Nice soft landing.

Dylan: There you go.

Hayley: Okay, let’s go. (she and Dylan leave)

Phil: I am on my side, though, so just flip me right back and we’re good. We’ll be good. I just need to get flipped right on my back, and we should be fine, so…